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Business development, sales, and go to market strategy for emerging media companies.


Our team has sold content based advertising programs since the dawn of digital influencer marketing, when page views and comments were more important than Likes & Followers. Let us help you optimize your content marketing products and differentiate you from your competitors offerings.


Once your ad product is ready to go to market, we'll work with you and your existing sales team to help build your pipeline. Our network of sales people around the country can work on a regional, vertical, or agency basis. While other sales development services are typically a flat fee, we operate on revenue share model. Meaning, you can benefit from national sales team, while maintaining a lean operation.


If we've done our job well, our next step is finding a full-time sales team for you to continue running on your own. Whether we source from our sales network, or work with other connections in the industry, we're uniquely positioned to help hire since we know what it takes to move your business.

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